Ten questions with Cynthia @ Ikon Models NY

Name: Cynthia Saldana

City: New York City; I am from California, and living in the country side of New Jersey.

Astrological sign: Pieces – Scorpio rising.

People knows You as: A women of my word. I pride my self on delivering. This goes for what I say to anyone, whether it is to my kids, my significant other or a client. I stick to the truth in life, and it is easy this way. I expect the same from others! For the most part I am a happy person and always try to look for the best in everyone and to create an environment where it can be fun and comfortable for all. Keeping productive and accomplishing a lot daily makes me thrive.

Your fashion – style icon: Beauty of all ages,shapes and sizes, All ethnicities. Commercial Print – Clean Fresh Real.

When and Why You decide to open Ikon Models NY: I  was modeling myself prior to 1996 when I founded IKON Model Management. I saw a real need for an honest, friendly down to earth agency with no drama or hidden agendas. BTW-There is truly only one IKON Model Management . We are independent and stand alone with our morals and years of hard work and thousands of clients that  book our models. Recently our name has been used by another, as they have opened an IKON AU and now IKON LA this year.They are not associated in  any way and  do not have the same vision, morals ,clients or models.

In one word Fashion Industry at this time is…: Changing.

Which is a no-no for a woman: Mhhmm. So many things and nothing at all, really.It is all in the way we present our selves much of the time. For instance what is provacative or overly provactive is such a fine line. Tasteful is tasteful and being graceful within ourselves and unto others is key. Beauty really does shine from the inside out. I believe  women can acheive most things than men can. I also belive they should never stop enjoying the fact that they are  women and should  realize that it is  pretty nice  to have men in the world to do  those manly things that only men can do! That God created men to do.

Beside your work.. main interests?: My children, family and extended family. I have been very blessed with lovely children and loved ones. Farming, I love animals and  have many horses and other types of animals that I breed. Including Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Swans, ducks, dogs and also my Asian Bengal Cat named “Shiseido”. I also love gardening, I can never plant enough flowers. Give me an eye full of nature over material things any day of the week and I will be a happy.

You can not live without: Sunshine, fresh air and the outdoors.

Virna Smiraldi

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