Switch Magazine lends its full support to Plastic Free, a voluntary organization dedicated to spreading awareness and sensitizing individuals about the peril posed by plastic pollution in our environment.

Established on July 29, 2019, as a digital entity, Plastic Free swiftly garnered the attention of over 150 million users within its first 12 months through social media networks. Presently, with an extensive network encompassing 1,100 associates and 200,000 dedicated volunteers across Italy, Plastic Free has firmly positioned itself as a preeminent, tangible, and engaging force in the realm of environmental advocacy.

Central to Plastic Free’s mission are its pivotal initiatives, including organized cleanup campaigns, ecologically-focused walks, vital sea turtle rescue operations, and impactful educational endeavors aimed at raising awareness in schools.

To contribute to the noble cause of the Sea Turtles project, kindly follow this link: https://gofund.me/448ac95f. Additionally, for those wishing to make spontaneous donations to support the non-profit organization, the designated bank code is IT67J0200841133000105710157.

For comprehensive insights and further information, please visit the official website: plasticfreeonlus.it. Your involvement and support will play an instrumental role in fostering a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment for generations to come.