Switch Magazine is an Italian magazine that represents a reference point in the publishing landscape related to art, fashion, and photography. Founded in 2010 by Micaela Morganelli, the magazine stands out for its independent and innovative approach in presenting high-quality and original content. Its mission is to offer a unique reading experience that can inspire and engage the audience through a wide variety of topics and subjects related to art and the world of fashion.

Switch Magazine is characterized by its ability to offer a fresh and unconventional perspective on art and fashion. The magazine is committed to presenting original and innovative content, highlighting emerging talents and established artists. The articles and editorials featured are characterized by a sophisticated and trendy style that reflects contemporary aesthetics and the taste of high-quality publishing. Each issue offers a balanced blend of fashion, art, photography, and culture, with particular attention to detail and visual presentation.

Switch Magazine is available in both print and online formats. The print version can be found at selected bookshops, newsstands, and concept stores in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its independent distribution, the magazine avoids the costs and waste associated with traditional distributors, thus ensuring a greater selection of retail outlets and targeted circulation to interested readers. Additionally, the magazine is also accessible through its online store on the official website, allowing enthusiasts to obtain physical or digital copies of the issues.

In addition to its print publication, Switch Magazine has a strong online presence through its official website and social media channels. The website offers exclusive content, online articles, and up-to-date information on events and news related to the magazine. Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are used to share images, stories, and interactions with the audience, creating continuous engagement and a community of loyal readers.

Switch Magazine collaborates with creative talents, artists, stylists, and industry professionals to offer high-quality content and special projects. The magazine is open to partnerships and sponsorships with brands and companies that share its vision and values, providing promotional opportunities and visibility to selected partners.

Switch Magazine is a renowned art and fashion magazine, characterized by its unique style and high-quality content. With its independent and innovative vision, the magazine stands out in the Italian and international publishing landscape. Through targeted distribution and a strong online presence, Switch Magazine appeals to a passionate and discerning audience, providing a platform to explore and appreciate contemporary creativity and aesthetics.


Editor in Chief and Creative Director: Micaela Morganelli

Editor at Large: Giada Bordoni

Casting Director: Francesca Bresesti

Head of Art Contents: Diego Ballarin

Head of NEXT Contents: Cosimo Baldi




Martina Cabrini

Luca Galavotti

Sofia Guiducci

Giorgia D’Aloisio

Luca Vedovato

Camilla Grandi

Giulia Lott

Michele Vitariello

Asia Noemi Franzato

Eleonora Marinelli

Annarita Bartolomeo

Carolina Cervara

Stela Plaka

Giorgia Macrì

Piero Nuvoli


Federica Abet


Charmaine Lago


Margherita Alaimo