A Clothing Revolution!

By Clara Massaad

If you haven’t heard of Manell before, it’s time to stop missing out and check out this brand today!

Manell is a fashion brand designed with the core concept of defying limits. When the designer of Manell decided to launch his brand, one of his main goals was to get Manell to be recognized on an international scope, and today Manell is indeed making headlines worldwide thanks to the audacious appeal it embodies. Manell today could be compared to a living seed that went through the phases of plantation and cultivation, and customers worldwide are now reaping its harvest one season after another. It is important to note that Manell takes its inspiration from a mix of art, African heritage, and the use of a color palette that incorporates colors associated with nature as a consistent nod to sustainability and futurism. Manell’s mission is to empower its customers through the creation of statement fashion garments that are at the same time eco-friendly and ageless pieces. Manell garments are designed in a way that elevates the senses of touch and feel; as well, it creates memories that engrave the brand’s aesthetic in the minds of those who wear it. Whether you opt to wear Manell for a special occasion with a romantic theme or a friend reunion, nature’s “Edit” bridges the way to an altogether exceptional, yet comfortable experience.

For this collection, precisely inclusivity was the prominent statement portrayed. Manell wanted to explore the ways in which inclusivity within the fashion industry could be part of the solution and the sustainable revolution. Like every other collection designed thoroughly by the Manell team who deploy delicate hand knitting and needlepoint embroidery techniques in their atelier. This collection is just as much the product of a very specific thought process, as it is a trendy clothing collection. As mentioned before, Manell clothes are delicately crafted for functionality and universality. Moreover, the introduction of the Manell woman’s line came with an allegiance. This commitment on Manell’s part is all about creating designs that make women feel sexy, stylish, and most importantly they gain a new sense of confidence and appreciation of their own self-worth before even considering the sex appeal effect on the other gender.

One of the most ravishing pieces of the collection is a two-piece white suit with golden stripes. The top part of the suit consists of a blazer style long shirt with a deep V-neck cut and some discrete epaulettes that add to the model’s fierce allure. On the other side, the pants, which are paired with black stilettos, are wide at the bottom but fitted on the hips, giving the suit the perfect combination of sexy and savage. This spicy suit is the perfect outfit for any occasion with an elegant dress-code and a sensual twist.

Another striking ensemble of the collection is also another all-black two-piece with an unorthodox style. The top part is constituted of a long buttoned down funky like blazer covering some parts of a fish net black top that goes all the way down on the back side of the model. The former “carter net” piece is paired with simple black pants and heels that don’t take away the dramatic blend. The entire outfit is edgy and alluring and encapsulates the essence of a strong sensual woman. The third outfit of the collection is a groovy long-sleeved black dress with double side pockets with buttons. This dress comes with a fully lined cutout design that extends from the cleavage to about just before the belly button area. The “carter dress” might as well be the perfect garment for a girls’ night out in town. In addition, another dress of this collection is known as the “Harruko top”, and it is a hand knitted unisex top that makes a statement ever so eloquently.

The final dress of this collection is the depiction of a much more feminine style. This over the knee dress features a special one-off shoulder design with fabricated straps and an invisible back zip. The “Ria” dress screams elegant yet seductive and portrays radiant femme fatal quintessence. Moreover, Manell focuses as well on the modern gender, and it is a brand keen on catering clothing styles for individuals who think outside the box, and this aspect is clearly visible in the final 5 outfits of this collection. The model in the first look is wearing baby blue high waist pants paired with the colorful “hazel shirt” which features a combination of numerous vibrant colors as well as different geometric shapes. Again, the same pants are paired with the “Reuben shirt”. This stylish shirt is the perfect long sleeve shirt featuring knitted details and a see-through design.

Lastly, the three final looks of this collection put into evidence the power of the black color in channeling the intensity that comes with it. The first attire is the “Andrew top” which is actually a modern kaftan that features a net cutout. It turns this kaftan into a piece that will definitely turn heads around a crowd. Looking at the details of the appearance, one realizes that it is paired with the “ese” unisex show that adds even more style to the outfit. The second clothing is the “all top” with a comfortable set that includes an armless top with a button-down front and straight cut pants with a long belt for an altogether cozy nevertheless sophisticated look.

Finally, the last apparel is a simple outfit made to captivate with the addition of the “Blake suit” to it. The “Blake suit” is a detail embroidered blazer that is hand knit and crafted with the use of the finest material. In the end, Manell’s vision is a journey of connection building with clients in an intimate quest to empower them through clothing. 

Manell woman – Ruth Ayabina 

Skin – Jay Beauty 

Photographed by – SNAPPCODE OF AFRICA 

Press – Mannie Ebuka Okwuchukwu