A Jewel Is Forever

Sophie Scheliga is a luxury accessory brand that celebrates and honors design according to the taste of beauty. 

Both materials (such as Swarovski crystals, 925 silver and gold plating) and Design are studied and handcrafted with the aim of creating unique objects.

Jewelry with a simple cut, comfortable but above all with important visual impact.

The collection was born in a context of female affirmation. These products are identified as a means to drive an important message: “Create a product for women that can enhance the shapes, colors and their stories.” 

A concrete tale that is shaped on the lives of different women, with all of their peculiarity and uniqueness.

Homologation loses all sensible value, in the methodical research that Sophie Scheliga applies for the creation of her products. 

We seek human values that can adorn an already beautiful body, perfect for what it is, at ease in being a woman, but above all in being herself.

Therefore, the choice to create a clothing line that could follow  the steps of the already existing collection was almost a necessity for the message to be driven.

Designing garments that could last in time and give a feeling of welcome in our own skin and body, is just the true core of this brand, that revolves around the person, around  women.

The use of natural materials is the icing on the cake, a project that involves the acceptance of being, the exaltation of the female body and the affirmation of the woman.

We tend to believe that the clothes and the objects that surround us in everyday life define us as people; for Sophie instead her products try only to exalt and bring to light an existing beauty, well defined and unique.

It is not the objects that define us, but we use them to assert ourselves.

Giorgio Scaccianoce