Fashion between Colours and Mythology 

By Silvia Talarico

Born and raised in San Salvador de Jujuy, a city located in northwestern Argentina, in the foothills of the Andes, Sabrina Aguirre studied Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where she graduated in 2018. The following year, in 2019, Sabrina Aguirre decided to move to New York, to improve her work in the fashion industry and meet other designers to deal with.

She came back to her hometown in Jujuy just for holidays but she get stuck for the entire duration of the global pandemic.

It was during this time of forced permanence that the young Argentinian designer decided to create her brand AGUIRRRRE, starting to work on her first collection, which is inspired by the Jujuy carnival. 

This is a personal project, born in Sabrina Aguirre’s homeland, which she had already started working on years earlier, for her degree thesis. 

AGUIRRRRE made her debut in 2021, on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, where the young Argentinean designer presented the ‘Pachamama’ collection.

The following year, the ‘Seres Mitológicos’ collection was also presented during the New York Fashion Week.

With bright colours, geometric and abstract lines, and different textures that intersect, AGUIRRRRE aims to reformulate physicality, starting from the spirit of traditions, and passing through an extreme contemporaneity. 

Starting with the redevelopment of discarded textile materials, most of AGUIRRRRE’s items and clothes are made through the process of upcycling, creating hypermodern designs in vibrant and bright colours, with a focus on sustainability. 

What AGUIRRRRE proposes is an unconventional concept, without limits of genre, line or colour, in constant evolution. In her creations, Sabrina Aguirre uses all kinds of materials: from cotton to satin, to latex, playing with patchwork and textures with an ever-new and different result.

AGUIRRRRE’s pieces are a fusion of cut-out and dislocated fabrics, interrupted lines and abstract designs: floral masks like the Embroidery Mask, crop tops that seem to melt at any moment like the Arrugas Liquid Latex Crop Top, plays of textures with vegan leather and denim like the Panty Mini Skirt. 

But that’s not all: in the latest collection presented in 2022 at New York Fashion Week, almost ethereal pieces stand out, winding between lace, denim and oversized lines with lively cuts. 

As can be guessed from the collection’s name, ‘Seres Mitológicos’, the Argentine designer wanted to celebrate the mythological traditions of her homeland, taking inspiration from the creatures that populate these beliefs.

The result is unique pieces with symbolic meanings, which are enhanced by fantastic and utopian designs, but at the same time made of defined lines, which are interrupted and reconstructed. 

Like, for example, the story of the dwarf, a mythological being capable to find lost objects: this cultural tradition is represented by items of clothes characterized by cut-outs, missing sections and patched fabrics, all details that symbolize the finding of lost objects and their new collocation. 

AGUIRRRRE then proposes a new physicality and a rediscovery of the tradition, to enrich the culture of Argentina and Latin America, yet presenting new perceptions of it, with contemporary styles and extremely vivid, bold colours.

There is a permanent duality in the creations, a persistence of the cultural tradition from a sort of educative past and a constantly evolving present.

The different items shown during the New York Fashion Week can be purchased both on the AGUIRRRRE official website and on the shop section of the Not Just A Label website. 

AGUIRRRRE items are also published on Basic.Space and the London-based Bleaq website.