Green Is the New Black

by Micaela Morganelli

Exploring the Sustainable Fashion Revolution

In a world where fashion trends come and go like the seasons, a new documentary series is taking center stage to shed light on a more sustainable and conscientious approach to style. “Green Is the New Black,” produced by Arret Film and created by Camilla Grandi, Alex Fanelli, and Alessio De Cicco, has been selected as part of the “Infinity Lab 2023” initiative by Infinity+, a permanent laboratory for digital content creation.

“Green Is the New Black” is a documentary series that strives to strike a balance between fashion and sustainability. It delves into the challenges of the fashion world with a keen focus on materials, reducing environmental impact in our shopping habits, and raising awareness about the consequences of our choices. Through a journey that spans second-hand markets, the series seeks to uncover unique pieces and stories that reflect lives transformed by a greener approach.

The series promises to explore various facets of sustainable fashion, from socially conscious tailors to content creators promoting mindful consumption. It aims to bridge the gap between documentary investigation and pop culture, unraveling the meaning behind wearing, producing, selling, and telling the story of second-hand fashion.

The primary goal of “Green Is the New Black” is to create a high-quality television product for the Italian audience, offering something original and impactful for a wide range of viewers. To achieve this, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on “Produzioni dal Basso,” Italy’s leading crowdfunding and social innovation platform, to optimize production resources and secure high-profile guests and talent to maximize the content’s impact.

Co-produced by the HEROSHOT team, a collective of cinematography professionals based in Turin, “Green Is the New Black” promises to be a captivating and enlightening journey into the sustainable fashion revolution.

As the fashion industry grapples with its environmental footprint, “Green Is the New Black” offers a refreshing perspective, championing a more responsible and eco-friendly way to express one’s style. This documentary series aspires to make viewers rethink their fashion choices and inspire positive change in the world of fashion.

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