Léon H. of XXI on exploring connections between NFT and fashion

Léon H. of XXI: The Angel de Léon Silhouette 01 debuts with a capsule collection mixes digital art, NFT-technology and Alta Moda

Freedom from the boundaries of modern society, self-imposed limitations, and freedom to live in the hearts rather than in the minds: this is theAngels de Léon Silhouette by Léon H. of XXI, where Angels are the protagonists of the message Unfuck yourSelf from your Lies.

The brand’s philosophy is crystallized into the fusion of conceptual art pieces with Made in Italy garments – and as it happens in the art market, every piece is accompanied by a certificate that attests originality, whether it is through the purchase of an NFT, linked to the blockchain-backed certificate, or via standard currency to receive a paper certificate with matching serial number.

When asked about the state of the art of NFT nowadays, Léon explains: «we are choosing to maintain the traditional sale channel open due to the speculative nature of NFT; however, in the future, we will become accessible exclusively via the sale of NFT certificates.»

In this project, Léon translates an approach typical of the art market to luxury fashion: `«The essence of the innovation lies in the employment of the NFT art as a blockchain-backed certificate of ownership of the garment,» they explain. «We achieve this by linking each NFT piece to the serial number of the garment.» This ultimately certifies each piece’s authenticity and protects the investment, granting the owner to link their name to the garment and become the verifiable caretaker.

But Léon is not only an innovation; it is also a celebration of Italian know-how and attention to detail. Garments are designed and hand-made in the brand’s Atelier using sophisticated tailoring techniques founded on the old definition of luxury.

From the production process to the raw materials, every single step is meticulously cared for and symbolizes a metamorphosis, transforming who wears the T-Shirt into one of the Angels de Léon, that kind of person, as the brand states, which others need in their life, who spreads freedom to those who don’t feel it within.

The silhouette, in particular, has been designed not only to be unisex but androgynous; while the boat neckline exposes the collarbones and elegantly emphasizes the cleavage, the straight fit covers up the waist. The result? An unconventional yet clean fit that reflects the masculine-feminine balance goes beyond the concept of unisex and embraces peculiarities and beauty in both genres.

Talking about fabric – which is 100% organic cotton – and details, it’s clear this T-Shirt is not a simple garment, but a piece of art, know-how, and a garment that will last for a lifetime. The most peculiar and interesting detail is, without any doubt, the single stitch technique used to sew the garments. While the bottom seam features a raw edge, shoulders are stitched inside out with a single line of stitching, using a silk thread, leaving the clean seam on the inside, symbolizing a challenging but noble journey, as the one it takes to become an Angel and encouraging wearers to believe in the inner beauty, rather than in appearances. On the garment’s back and front, two prints sum up Léon’s mantra: we all possess a pair of wings.

Garments are, of course, made to avoid overproduction and excessive waste: the Atelier follows, in fact, an environmental and socially sustainable approach. Fibers used for garments are 100% organic, including the thread used for the embroidery of labels, and the packaging, while water-based, non-toxic inks are used for the serigraphy. To reduce the environmental footprint as close to zero as possible, the brand is even planting trees for every step of the manufacturing process, and «the entire supply chain is controlled to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste in cutting patterns,» they clarify.

Of course, when it comes to luxury, scarcity is the key, and the Angel de Léon Silhouette coherently fits this approach: the garment’s sartorial nature and value make it exclusive to a smaller number of people, which may contrast with the message of inclusivity they share and with their aim to inspire people to find their inner freedom. To cope with this issue, another garment has been released, featuring a more straightforward construction while preserving some of the Léon vital features: the hoodies in the Summer Vibrance capsule.

With the project Angel the Léon and the Silhouette T-Shirt, Léon H. of XXI not only entered the world of NFTs for the fashion industry, a successful combination of Made in Italy luxury garments, technology, and digital art. Moreover, it shares a powerful message, encouraging wearers to be awake within themselves and the positive energy they need to be free while wearing an Alta Moda piece of clothing and art.

Maria Bellotto