NO MORE, than needed.

By Alexa Boscaneanu

Having less, but high quality while embracing diversity.

NO MORE jewelry brand is changing the status quo in the market with genderless, elegant yet bold jewels for people with attitude.

The search and the definition of a unique identity are what every individual is looking for, especially in today’s complex society. The thing is, identity is founded on an indispensable component, an eye for detail. 

NO MORE understood this and embraced this concept making it their mission and realizing that are the details that make the difference. Everything began in 2017, when Goda and Gintvile – NOMORE founders – devoted themselves to the dream of expressing and exhibiting their creativity through the art of jewelry and have designed a new NON-ordinary collection for NON-ordinary people—going thus, against the current, to cover those nomadic identities, which wander without having found a fixed abode. 

The collections are indeed out of schemes, free in the true sense of the word, designed with an inclination toward all genres: man and woman, plus a genderless edit, that focuses on character, vibe & expression more than on gender. Talking about collections, NO MORE features handmade sterling silver pieces and linear shapes with a hint of drama that expresses individuality. The collections are intertwined to reach a bold public with a predilection for the unique jewel of its kind, combining and balancing elegance and audacity. From empowering women with accessories with an attitude to a unique collection in gold 18k, NO MORE talks to everyone, in many different ways, without losing focus on diversity.

To convey these values, there’s the brand’s mission: filling a need to identify who we are in a world increasingly aimed at homologation and consumerism. NO MORE creates a world of no more mass production at a dizzying pace, being the contrast against the waste of fast fashion jewels and promoting a healthier mindset for individual and planetary well-being, focusing on pieces that complement our persona, avoiding excessive consumption by favoring few durable and high-quality objects.

Sustainability is, in fact, not just a word or marketing leverage at NO MORE: +67% of base materials are recycled or from RJC-accredited suppliers, while sources such as electricity, water & chemicals are used to the minimum due to the handmade manufacturing processes behind jewels. But that’s not all; the effort goes beyond the products and interest packaging too, which is FSC-certified & fully recyclable, and social-sustainable approach since NO MORE gives back to the local community by donating to charities & causes that matter the most to them.

Through creating these art objects and following this ethical path, NO MORE confirms the brand’s central core: to make a difference in a market of common trends, making each collection accessible to anyone and democratizing the possession of sustainable, high-quality jewelry pieces. The obsession of Goda and Gintvile for quality and attention to detail is also carried out by the whole team, which works with dedication and great devotion for the creation and realization of the handmade pieces of the brand, bringing inside every single object a rare passion.

NO MORE features a vast collection of jewels, from earrings, to rings and bracelets, ear-cuffs, necklaces, and anklets, in gold and silver, delivering the brand’s pieces in more than 50 countries worldwide. Designs are discrete and bold, and designs are made to never go out of style and are destined to last. 

The approach takes distance from other brands on the market; NO MORE different collections represent indeed styles rather than seasonality and are already making a change: having less but high-quality jewelry can make a difference, and NO MORE is the change, disrupting the jewelry industry one piece at a time.